Air arms s510 tuning guide

Air arms s510 tuning guide

It is a two stage unit with adjustment to both stages plus a weight of pull adjustment. It is easy to upset the balance between the two stages and make the trigger inoperable if incorrectly adjusted.

If you have no experience of adjusting two stage triggers seek guidance or leave the trigger as set by the factory. Incorrectly adjusted trigger mechanisms are not covered by the manufacturers warranty it is not possible to test this rifle with a incorrectly adjusted trigger, therefore all triggers leave the factory with correct adjustment.

An incorrectly adjusted trigger can make the rifle unsafe to handle. If the pressure on the trigger is released at any point before full disengagement, the bottom sear will automatically return back to full engagement. This type of trigger allows very fine but safe operation because it is the release of the 2nd stage that actually makes the rifle fire.

This arrangement is vastly superior to pseudo two stage triggers where the first stage is just a pivoting trigger blade that does not move sears. The down side is that they are more difficult to adjust correctly. There are three adjuster screws, A-B-C. The weight of pull adjuster A is located in the front of the trigger guard. Clockwise rotation increases pull weight. If adjusted too far the spring will become coil-bound and prevent trigger operation. The second stage adjuster B is the rear screw located in the trigger blade this screw determines the exact point that the 2nd stage starts.

If the ist stage screw is incorrectly adjusted this screw may not have any effect. The first stage adjuster C is the front screw located in the trigger blade. This screw determines the length of travel before the 2nd stage starts. Clockwise adjustment reduces the first stage travel.Please chime in if you have any advice or insight! I have specific questions posed inside the post that I have bolded and undelined in red.

Air Arms HFT500 Tuning Regulator By Huma-Air

I recently purchased an Air Arms S Carbine. I love the quality, ergonomics, and style of the rifle, but was disappointed in the consistency and shot count. Thus, I am trying to tune the rifle to eliminate its perceived shortcomings.

My goal is to tune the rifle to shoot a flat shot string for 50 shots at as high energy as possible. I chose the Altaros because unlike other regulators, it allows the rifles pressure gauge to keep telling the air pressure inside of the reservoir.

Reduced the hammer weight to increase shot count. I planned to start with as light of a hammer as I could get and to add weight back to the hammer until the best weight was found. I weighed my stock hammer and guide and headed over to a local gunsmith to see what he could do for me.

The Data : I installed the regulator and new light hammer. I decided to adjust the regulator settings first with the The results were:. The regulator seemed to struggle if set too low or too high. This surprised me. Comments or advice? The most promising setting to me was at BAR. The 1st 40 shots had an average velocity of fps The shot string is shorter than I want, but none of the settings I tested seem to get me where my goal is 50 shots. Hammer Adjustment Data: Having settled on BAR to test hammer weight adjustments, I reset the regulator and went about changing the hammer mass.

I accomplished this by wrapping thin copper wire around the hammer. Electrical tape was then wrapped tightly around the wire to keep it from unwinding. As suspected, the lightest hammer weight gave the longest shot string of about 46 shots. As the hammer weight climbed, the velocity climbed but the shot count dropped.

Since my goal is 50 regulated shots, It appears I have to keep the hammer in the Important Note: The data for the I suspect this is because significant estimation is required to set the Altaros regulator. There are no markings made between and BAR. I therefore assume that the reg setting for this data is slightly lower than that of the previous data set. This might be a clue that I can get my shot count up with a slightly lower regulator setting. I opened the rifle back up and lowered the regulator setting a very small adjustment.Remember Me?

Advanced Search. Forum General General Airgun. Air arms s tuning kits. Results 1 to 9 of 9. Thread: Air arms s tuning kits. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. S Carbine. Originally Posted by Silent Sniper. Steve Valentine Guest. The kit's contain a few new screws, some O rings and a stronger hammer spring, stay away fella or buy a new spring from AA and save your self some money.

Better still get some one who know what they are doing to 'tune' it Jeff Westley or Ben Taylor. Be patient when sending e-mails to him. I believe Jeff Westley is a lot less but have nothing to back this up as it was told to me. Join Date Oct Location wolverhampton west mids Posts 1, I fully agree with sniper. Originally Posted by hardtail.

Join Date Oct Location chesterfield Posts 4, Originally Posted by stealthystalker. Goose shootings not just for life Then stick some shiny bits on it eh Jay!

Chairman Emley Moor F. Quick Navigation General Airgun. Private Sales. Please read the stickys before posting. Second Hand Optics For Sale.Does any one know if a standard AA S be uprated to about 30 lbft and roughly the cost? Cheers Alun. If you want to do the work yourself you can save money and just get a kit from someone like Terry Robb Thanks dekerhave made things easier for me to decidedidnt want to buy the gun and find it couldnt be uprated when fac comes through.

That is seriously impressive and obviously a very special tuning job as it is dramatically better than AA suggest is possible!!!

All of the Air-Arms spring gun range can be upgraded to high power. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. Recommended Posts. Report post. Posted March 3, Share this post Link to post. Posted March 4, Better to go for a Theoben Rapid.

air arms s510 tuning guide

Posted March 5, Posted March 7, What is the shot capacity of the AASX? Is that it or does this Robb conversion involve the standard cylinder? Posted March 9, Posted March 11, Can my standard power rifle be upgraded to high power?

air arms s510 tuning guide

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AirArms S510 Extra _ Altaros Regulator Installation and O-Rings Replaced

Sign In Sign Up.Overall rating: 5. Value for money: 4. By Jeffrey from USA on Gorgeous gun. Fit and finish could not be better. Accuracy is absolutely amazing. Trigger is superb. I can't say enough great things about it.

Expensive but well worth it. Things I would have changed : Can't think of a thing other than the safety but that is minor. What others should know : Definitely worth the cost.

Overall rating: 4. Value for money: 5. By richard from USA on Things I liked : Overall a very nice gun with a very nice adjustable stock to which I mounted a Sidewinder x56 scope. The gun is well designed and l I have no major complaints. Things I would have changed : Once you fire the 10th shot in the clip, the gun lets you reload the next now blank slot forcing you to keep track of your shot count.

If not, you end up firing air through a blank slot and hopefully a varmint was not lined up in your sights. The Marauder locks you out after the 10th shot which was very nice correcting this issue. I suspect this is the trade-off comparing a spring loaded magazine to the simplified one in the S What others should know : I never realized how different pellets behave in different guns until I spent a lot of time testing this S I tried many shots with Crossman Very nice grouping out to 66 yards.

The difference was night and day and I would recommend the JSB's as this gun seems to like them very much. Things I liked : Everything, this is a beautiful rifle the fit and finish is top notch. The adjustable stock is awesome and easy to set up. One of the best out of the box triggers I have ever used.

I will be taking to range for yard and longer next week. The magazines are expensive but they are flawless and so easy to load.

I have had no feeding problems just smooth and no effort to chamber a pellet. Spend the money you will not be sorry it is one of the best rifles out there I love mine.

Things I would have changed : The safety location is on the trigger. I just leave it in the off position when target shooting and shooting ground squirrels from fixed position. But will use it when walking in the field. Would like to see a better filling fitting but its not a real pain to fill as is.

When it was zeroed at 25 yards I only had 5 clicks of windage left before it bottomed out. I tried 2 other scopes and 2 other sets of rings all the same. My conclusion was the barrel or the receiver rail was not true to center. I'm a retired gun store owner and gunsmith of over 45 years in the business I know what I am doing.The Air Arms S series trigger is good out of the box, but with a little effort it can be made great! Below you will see how I tuned mine to operate better than I could have hoped.

However here comes the disclaimer! So proceed at your own risk! Next remove the trigger guard allen bolts 1 and 2, remember to catch the spring which pops out and the trigger cover plate 2 flat head screws above.

I'll come back to the allen bolts A,B and C later. Here you can see the trigger blade, top and bottom sear, hole where the trigger tension spring was Arubber o-rings over the sears B and top sear spring C. First thoroughly clean all the gunk from the parts. The numbered areas are the ones which you may wish to polish up to a higher standard than comes from the factory.

For which you will need:. Yep, a Dremel with a soft polishing pad, Brasso and toothpaste! First polish lightly with Brasso and Finish with toothpaste. Toothpaste is very good for leaving a glass finish. When polishing the sears, less is definitely more!

air arms s510 tuning guide

All you want is a smooth finish, don't start rounding the edges! Once you have finished any cleaning and polishing, reassemble the trigger blade and sears using a light smear of oil I use 3-in-1 on all the surfaces - wet is way too much, they should just feel greasy in your fingers. Just remember to set the top sear spring below the sear. Push back in the main trigger spring and replace the trigger guard. Pull the spring up on the bottom sear so that is slightly clear of the action and therefore does not rub when operated.

Now, before you replace the trigger cover plate, is a good time to have a play with the trigger settings as it is easy to see what each adjustment does. The final stage of the reassembly is to replace the 2 rubber o-rings again smeared with oil and trigger cover plate.

Do NOT over tighten the trigger plate - all you want to do is nip the screws. Over tightening just presses the rubber o-rings harder against the sears and can make the trigger feel sticky. Looking at the second picture from the top, there are 3 adjuster screws designated A, B, C. A located in front of the trigger within the guard does weight of pull. Clockwise to increase weight.

Too much and rifle won't fire as spring becomes coil-bound. B is the foremost adjuster on the trigger blade. It determines the total length of trigger travel.

Clockwise to reduce travel. C is the rearmost one on the trigger blade. It adjusts the second stage engagement. If first stage screw B is incorrectly set this will have no effect. First set the trigger to go off on the first stage only by screwing the 2nd stage adjuster C well out, then set the first stage for weight A and length B to your preference.

After that, slowly reintroduce the 2nd stage C until you can just feel it and then give it a further eighth of a turn for a very light second stage this may be unsafe! Your last adjustment must be on the 2nd stage as touching any of the other screws stuffs all the settings. Several further steps can be taken. Probably the least effective is polishing the bottom of the top sear where the top sear spring rubs against the sear. Any benefit has to be marginal, but you are in there anyway :- The surface is quite rough though - see the picture below where it has been polished on the left.

Make a spring guide.All work on airguns and airgun accessories should be carried out by a proficient licensed professional. We do not sell airguns, airgun parts, or airgun equipment. By viewing this video, you are acknowledging the contents of this disclaimer. Search all videos Go. Latest from AEAC. Most watched from AEAC. Brocock Bantam Sniper HP. Hatsan NeutronStar. Hatsan NeutronStar NovaStar. Edgun Matador r5m. Diana Skyhawk. FX Wildcat mk2 Compact.

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