Defender mercedes engine conversion

Defender mercedes engine conversion

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Join Date Nov Location N. York Posts 1, You have an OD too right? Much more power opens a Pandora's Box of either upgrades or failures. You'll always run into a "that guy" who has hooked a Chevy to a Series transmission with "no trouble" but when it comes right down to it it isn't suited to much more power.

Why not contact Simon Schofield ans ask him about his 2. Simon Schofield Future execulink. Land Rover UK Forums.

Should be better but mileage goes down fast at My original thinking was that the original axles would be like a fuse, and be the first to break if I applied too much power, and in turn that would save my transmission. Simon is less than an hour from me. I may get in touch and see what he says. Originally Posted by Mercedesrover. Join Date Apr Posts 5. Here is the history and facts regarding the OM conversion kit you reference Originally Posted by Alk Hi everyone.

I was hoping to open up a bit of a dialogue about the Mercedes OM I am very seriously considering doing a swap with the Robert Davis kit. The kit apparently comes with everything needed to swap the motor into my land rover, but requires a pusher fan, and requires a swap to a thinner series For clarification, you have a kit that will allow the OM 5 cyl MB diesel to fit in an 88" series that came with the 2. If so, I am in heaven and will begin saving immediately!

Originally Posted by albersj Join Date Jan Posts Does anyone have info on that?

defender mercedes engine conversion

A good point of contact, price, availability ect. I PMed Rdavis but I'm trying to see if there is another way to get in touch with him or if he has a web site. Robert Davis is selling them. Search www. Join Date Feb Posts He's active over on the Defender source forum. About us Unparalleled product knowledge.Portal Search Calendar Help. Hello There, Guest! Login Register.

defender mercedes engine conversion

Login Username: Password: Lost Password? Remember me. Defender Thread Rating: 0 Vote s - 0 Average 1 2 3 4 5. Thread Modes. First i want to say thanks to the contributors of this web site, it has been a huge help in learning about the Mercedes diesels.

I'm about to start the restoration of my defender and have been looking at alternative engines. At the moment it has a 2. The TDI is a nice enough engine but they are not cheap, are not available in North America and are becoming harder to find parts for. Heads are no longer available.

My truck weighs aprox. Or would just turbo, injector, and the simple pump mods listed on this site be enough? The looks like a good choice, what is the parts availability like? I read somewhere that the heads are becoming difficult to find. Can you still get the better head if you find an engine with How much longer is the compared to the ?

Can you remove or replace the electronics on the newer ones? Thanks in advance for any help you can give. Hopefully you won't hold that against me. Ignore my question about the power of theI got hp and tq mixed up. That's what happens when I do your research late at night instead of sleeping. I really like the om for simplicity! It can take a lot of abuse as well! I agree, the more I read the more I'm liking the for it's simplicity, durability, and availabity in North America.

I've seen by other's builds that getting flywheel TQ is possible. If not, what do you think it would get me.I try to always have at least one or two Tdi engine kits in stock.

Make your Rover reliable again, and get great mileage, too. Want to do a power swap? This is a great time to make your truck fun with a manual transmission. Call us at to discuss your specific needs and we will put a price together for your custom kit. If necessary, engine block may be spruced up a bit at this time. Everything properly timed using correct equipment. Custom made hoses and pipes mean you do not have to make your own, look for adapters or fittings or have to buy anything else to hook up your engine.

My 1 Seller! Oil galley plugs removed, cleaned out and replaced. Crankshaft polished. If out of spec, it is replaced with a new one. This is one of several things the bargain rebuilders never do.

Project M57: Episode 1

Pressure tested and skimmed. Big benefit is that brand new Tdi cylinder heads are still available for very reasonable prices, while those for the Tdi are not. This also allows the use of brand-new, much more affordable Tdi diesel injectors. Consider this the best of both engines in one! Include radiator, intercooler and associated pipework. Engine wiring harness when necessaryglow plug timer relay.

Motor mounts and chassis mounts when necessary, or different than your existing. Complete engine with all accessories mounted on. Does not include air conditioning components unless specified when placing order. We do make our own custom brackets to mount V8 compressor to our engines so you do not have to evacuate any freon. Proper air cleaner and diesel filter housing assemblies and new filters.

I have photo diaries of engine swap job you can have access to to make the job easier. When ordering complete kit with transmission, you also get: Healthy 5-speed manual transmission Lt77 or R depending on kit.

Transmission cross-member. Shift sticks and boots for finished clean look inside truck. When necessary, front drive line. Pedal box assembly with clutch pedal and hydraulics for clutch. In the case of an automatic, you get correct diesel automatic transmission and LT center-locking differential. Defender-Versions of the kit will also come with: Correct version of the transmission with short bellhousing. When specifying R transmission, kit will come with correct seat box assembly, transmission hump and floor panels.

New camshaft front seal fitted.Our LS3 performance upgrades will transform your classic Defender into a power house with a 6-speed automatic transmission with manual select and cruise control. Enjoy 0 - 60 in 7. Customize your classic Defender with high-quality paint options.

At East Coast Overhaul, we own and operate our own paint shop which means your Defender stays on our property and meets our standards. Their approach is somewhat analogous to what Singer does with the Porsche Everything appears detailed and finished to a high standard; there's very little chance the bolt heads were all clocked the same by coincidence.

But thanks to ECD you can do so without whiplash or giving up any creature comforts. The rigs, a street-tuned Land Rover Defender 90 and a more opulent but nonetheless off-road capablemake the Porsche Cayenne S I arrived in look impotent. I was not prepared for the brutality of a corvette powered Land Rover Defender.

East Coast Overhaul - Transform your Defender into a shiny new dream machine learn more. East Coast Overhaul - Transform your Defender into a luxurious driving experience learn more.

LS3 6 speed auto with manual mode. Paint High-Quality Paint Options.

This Cummins Turbo Diesel Land Rover Defender Is Much More Than A Simple Engine Swap

Paint Customize your classic Defender with high-quality paint options. Testimonial 6 Their approach is somewhat analogous to what Singer does with the Porsche Drew PhillipsAutoblog. Amelia DahlgaardNitto. Mark VaughnAutoweek. Jonathan KleinAutomobile Magazine. Andrew CollinsDesignerJalopnik. Book Your Upgrade Our dedicated and experienced team will take the utmost care with your vehicle and deliver something back to you that will make you smile for years to come.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The GM V8 engine kit consists of an adaptor plate that bolts to the rear of the engine. A spigot bush, spigot bush adaptor, bellhousing cover plate and all the required bolts are supplied with the kit.

In addition to the engine kit, Marks 4WD manufacture and supply the following kits that are used as part of the conversion process. The standard LS starter motor is designed to turn a flywheel with a tooth ring gear. Marks 4WD Adaptors manufacture a new starter motor that is designed to turn a flywheel fitted with the tooth ring gear. Holden V8 engines are available with two bellhousing bolt patterns. All C. A standard The 4L80E transmission is similar in strength to the old TH 3-speed with the addition of an overdrive 4th gear.

The transmission is electronically controlled by the engine management system. Gear Ratios - 1st - 2. Depending on the application, the length of our adaptor coupled with the 4L80E will most likely require the cross member and tail shafts to be modified depending on engine mount locations.

The Turbo Hydromantic is basically the same design as the TH but a stronger version. The Turbo is also a 3-speed automatic transmission. Several case variations of this transmission were manufactured; they bolted directly to Jeep, Buick, Oldsmobile, and Pontiac V6 and V8 engines. If you intend using a Holden V8 or a Trimatic pattern you would need to adapt the automatic transmission to the engine with another adaptor plate, which are generally available from any speed shop.

The new flywheel with the tooth ring gear must be used. The original flywheel fitted with a tooth ring gear will not fit inside the bellhousing. The LS engine can be fitted to the vehicle without the need to reposition the transmission, or alter drive shaft lengths.

The original GM flywheel and starter motor are used for the conversion. The bellhousing will need to be modified to allow the starter motor nose to clear. If a hi-torque starter motor is used the bellhousing modification can be minimised.Introduction to Series Land Rover conversions. Converting a Series Land Rover to petrol V8.

Find it with LRO

Back in when The Green Rover was converted from a 2. I choose the petrol engine out of economics. I wanted a fresh engine and except for the big GM 6. Going with a fresh diesel engine would have about doubled my conversion costs. At the time diesel was a bit more expensive than mid grade grade petrol and my V8 is set up to run on cheaper regular.

Running the numbers there was no way I could break even on fuel savings between rebuilds. I did not know that some diesels ran well on used french fry oil at the time. The question becomes do you spend a whole lot more money up front and pay a little less at each fillup or pay half as much up front and fill up more often when total conversion and operating costs slightly favour the petrol V8 set up for economy atmiles. When looking for a diesel engine be sure to carefully total the costs and be aware of hidden costs such as buying a 'good' condition used diesel that is tired and will need a rebuild before long or searching for a rare or NLA cylinder head or manifold if the one you have cracks.

An engine with a good parts supply, available locally is by far and away your best bet. If you are willing to go through the effort of procuring and filtering used restraunt cooking oil year after year and you pick a diesel that tolerates usd french fry oil well, the solution is a no brainer.

Series Land Rover engine conversions

The diesel quickly becomes the cheaper option. But it would be real easy to get tired of collecting, filtering and storing your own fuel over time and just hop over to the filling station. Run the numbers before finalizing your decision. It the States, the economic cards are stacked against diesels. In the U. There are a new crop of potentially "just right" diesels on the near horizon, but they will require a lot of plumbing, electrics and the price of a newish engine will likely exceed the value of a Series rig for a while.

American small truck diesels survived as an option and only Mercedes and Volkswagon kept diesels in some models of passanger cars. Small free revving diesel engines that can still be found inside the US include VW 1. The GM 6. I think this is likely because these are the cheapest readilly available diesel engines available to Americans with easy to get parts at a reatively inexpensive cost. I think there were one or two Toyota diesels briefly avvailable as options in Canada but I don't think they made it to the US market.

There are people importing engines that were never sold into the States. These are always a possibility, but parts may be very difficult to obtain down the line, service might be nonexistant and in some there may be problems registering or transfering ovwnership of vehicles with some of these newer engines. The 6. But it is a GM big block engine that is wide, long and heavy. It barely can be made to fit in a series engine bay and will likely require 1 ton springs up front. For V8 diesels the GM 6.

Defender tdi in a Series Land Rover A big block Chevy 6. Cummins 6AT is close in size a a Chevy 6 but heavier in weight. A Volkswagon 1. Montego turbo diesel built by Perkins. He has a web site describing his modifications. An excellent primer if you are considering going this route:.

The original engine would produce mpg in a full size GM pickup.Sign up to receive the weekly newsletter featuring the very latest from Petrolicious. Operations like these provide convincing arguments for that statement in the form of the restored, refurbished, and reimagined Land Rovers that leave their facilities with new motors, new metal, and contemporary amenities like satellite navigation systems and working air-conditioning to replace the tired and wheezy factory systems that are perpetually in need of recharging.

The creator of the Defender pictured here, the Blacksmith Engineering Company, has an ethos that is very much in vogue these days: take a beloved classic vehicle, strip it down to its essence, and build it back up with new and revised components to create the ultimate expression of the original idea.

The end product is certainly a different beast than the base truck, but the two share the same fundamental concepts at their core: rugged ability, and a handsome but utilitarian presence. The rig pictured here for instance has a turbo diesel engine like many of the early Defenders—this truck began life as a military-build Defender —but instead of one of the rather anemic and not-so-reliable 2.

Besides the stock mil-spec cage, the transfer case mentioned earlier, the bulkhead, and the removable tin top, everything else has been replaced or reinvigorated by Blacksmith and their partners around Utah, like Wild Diesel in Ogden, UT, who helped bring the motor from its stock bhp guise into the stump-puller that it is today.

All it took was all new running gear…. I wonder if the builders considered the new Cummins Repower 2. Facebook Google. Subscribe to newsletter.

defender mercedes engine conversion

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