Simrad evo 2 vs evo 3

Simrad evo 2 vs evo 3

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simrad evo 2 vs evo 3

The NSS is very clear, the size is much better for dual screen use and the video quality on the charts is much better. That at being said, I was able to simply use the power cord and transducer cord from the Go9 without having to fish a new line for the transducer so that made things easy.

However, I am wondering if anyone has any experience with the new 3 in 1 transducer Simrad is selling now versus the older Totalscan that is on my boat now. Is there any meaningful performance advantages.

I have been told there is better target separation and it can overlay two sonars on one screen for better fish finding abilities. Any experienced feedback back is most welcomed.

July 2. Decided to upgrade the electronics as well. Garmin does not have the computing power like the Simrad. I had ordered the Total Scan, but when at the Feb. The side scan is ideal for my use. Love it! July 3. BTW, you can display 3 sonars on the screen. Downs can, Echo and Side Scan. July 4.

On my transom I have structure scan 3D and an in hull chirp transducer.

simrad evo 2 vs evo 3

On the bow I have the 3 in 1 transducer mounted on the foot of my trolling motor. My Dad has the 3 in 1 on the transom of his bass boat. The 3 in 1 seems to read really good with the Live units. I see a lot of complaints about how it reads with the Carbon units. Not sure if your new Simirad is more comparable to the processing power of the Live or not.

My guess is it is more comparable with dual core processors so it should read well. I have no experience with the Total Scan. You mentioned the ability to overlay the sonar and down scan, which is called Fish Reveal. That is a feature I am thoroughly unimpressed with.SIMRAD is one of the big players of global marine electronics, and has been at the forefront of integrated navigation systems for quite some time.

The company was originally founded back in in Norway, and is now part of the Navico group of companies when Simrad and Lowrance merged about a decade ago.

simrad evo 2 vs evo 3

I've been running a Simrad NSE8 on my 5. The Evo3 supersedes the Evo2 which was released in The Evo3 allowed shallow areas to be navigated easily and safely. The Evo3 is a touchscreen unit integrating broadband sounder, structure scan technology and navigation into an easy to use package. My previous NSE was only rotary knob and button pad, so the step up to touchscreen has been awesome.

And while there is a rotary knob dial on the Evo3, pretty well all of the scrolling and navigating of the screen and through the pages is done via the touchscreen. I also managed to keep my existing echo transducer from my previous unit, which is a kHz transducer mounted on the starboard side of the transom. The soundings of the seafloor, even at high speed, is super-crisp and the resolution and detail has been remarkable. The soundings of our inshore reefs has been really clear, and easy to differentiate our hard bottom from weed beds and sand.

I upgraded my structure scan transducer to an LSS skimmer, and this has improved the resolution of side scan readings. I used the side scan in our local area recently to look for an old wooden vessel that was reportedly sunk in the past 12 months. I started sounding in around 16 m of water over a large featureless bed, and I extended the range to 40 m either side. I eventually picked up a reading right out on the 40 m range, and managed to pass back over the wreck to get some really good soundings.

I loaded Navionics as the chartography, which offers detailed maps of our coastline. Transferring all of my marks from my old unit to the new Evo3 was super-easy, and being able to zoom into the chart using your fingers is so much quicker and easier than zooming in with the rotary knob as on my previous unit. I have a number of screen displays saved on the unit, but I use a split-screen with chart of the left and echo on the right as my default display.

The Evo3 has NMEA connectivity, so while we had the floor up, we ran wiring to my Suzuki to integrate the motor through the Simrad. The unit allows you to customise the display to suit your needs. The Evo3 is also compatible with radar and auto pilot as further plug-in options.Items Per Page: 12 36 More Details. Free Shipping. In these cases you can simply click on the "add to cart" button to see our price.

Please note that clicking on the "add to cart" button only places the item in your "shopping cart" there is no obligation to buy unless you complete the ordering process. At Factory Outlet Store we always strive to provide our customers with value.

We believe that our combination of price, knowledge and customer service is the best that you will find anywhere. All logos displayed on this page are registered trademarks with their respective organizations. Disclaimer : FactoryOutletStore. You may experience longer call wait times and shipping delays. Click Here to learn more.

For customers with special needs, we have provided a customer support phone number reachable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, days a year: NSS Evo3 Series. Returnable: 30 Day Guarantee i. Read More. View Accessories. As an email member, look forward to: Exclusive email discounts Private sales events New product launches Product maintenance guides And much more! All discounts are being applied sitewide. You can unsubscribe at any time.New Posts.

Post Reply. Post Options Post Reply. Tug Members Profile. I'm looking to buy a new unit for my 6. Go with the nss evo 3 I've just got one best setup I've ever had. I would go with the Transducer for better depth, i think the is a wide model that is better for shallow water.

You want a wider beam width in shallower water. Oh, an you definitely want the Simrad S - it's the ducks nuts. Chewbucca Members Profile. Does any1 have any impressive screenshots of the new s picking up fish sign in ? Seen plenty of good screen shots in m and less but nothing really exciting deeper? After experimenting with chirp and furuno units, sceptical about chirp for detecting fish sign deep.

Happy to be corrected. Maybe try sending a pm to Capt. Phil on here he is a charter operator with Simrad experience. Waihime Members Profile. I've been seeking advice from experts recently for fish finders for my new boat. I want great performance from 1mtr right through to odd mtrs deep.

Have been advised Garmin GPsmap series sounder with 1kw thru hull chirp tranny for the deep stuuf, and a GT51 transpm mount tranny for the shallow stuff. This setup is capable of reading up to mtrs. The 1kw tranny BL is designed for good target separation. Don't know about Furuno, but was told at the boat show the Simrad would likely need the separate sonar hub to reach those depths.Page of Go.

simrad evo 2 vs evo 3

Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Installation Manual. NSS evo2. Table of Contents. The relevant Declaration of conformity is available in the NSS evo2 section on the following website: www. Manuals can be downloaded from www.

Page 9: Introduction With no active cursor: Press to immediately save a waypoint at vessel position. Press and hold to display the Plot menu used for saving new waypoints, routes and tracks. Page The Home Page Tap a button to display the panel combination. Press and hold a favorite button to enter edit mode for the Favorites panel. If not, enable the feature from the advanced option in the System settings dialog.

The 3 party device is operated from the NSS evo2 by using menus and dialogs as on other panels. The NSS evo2 is controlled from the wireless device by Apps downloaded from their relevant Application store. Refer details in the NSS evo2 Installation manual. First time startup The first time the unit is started and after a master reset the system will run through an automatic start-up sequence, including language setup and automatic data source selection.

Page Touch Screen Operation Pan to position a chart or an echo image on the panel. Pinch to zoom out on the chart or on an image. Page Adjusting Panel Size - Tap the tools icon to display the page editor dialog Add or remove panels in the page editor dialog, then save your changes Press the X key to leave the favorite edit mode Basic operation NSS evo2 Operator Manual Page Customizing The Home Page Background Define the time period if you want the two bars to alter automatically Select the edit option to change any of the instrument fields, followed by the field you want to change Save your changes by selecting the finish edit option in the menu.

By default, screen captures are saved to internal memory. Refer to the "Tools" on page 94 section for how to view and manage files.

Simrad nss evo3 or Furuno tzt2

Page Charts AIS targets. You can overlay a radar image, a StructureScan image or weather information. The NSS evo2 is delivered with different cartography depending on region. Page Showing Dual Chart Types Chart orientation Several options are available for how the chart is rotated in the panel. Page Displaying Information About Chart Items GoTo cursor You start navigating to a selected position on the image by tapping the screen, then using the go to cursor option in the menu.

Page Saving Waypoints Tap the desired location on the panel to search from the cursor position. If the cursor is not active the system will search for items from the vessel's position. Page D Charts Chart imagery style The charts can be displayed in two different imagery styles, either as 2D basic mapping style, or with shaded relief presenting chart including terrain imaging. Page Insight View Options The built in Navionics database features data down to 20 m, after which it is all white.

Contours depth Determines which contours you see on the chart down to the selected safety depth value. Page Navionics View Options The tide and current data available in Navionics charts are related to a specific date and time.

Dynamic tide information Page Photo Overlay The Photo transparency sets the opaqueness of the photo overlay. With minimum transparency settings the chart details will be almost hidden by the photo. For more information, see www. Depth highlight range Select a range of depths between which Navionics will fill with a different color. Page Chart Settings Selects whether basic information for chart items shall be displayed when you tap the item.Login or Sign Up.

Logging in Remember me. Log in. Forgot password or user name? Garmin or Simrad? Posts Latest Activity. Page of 2. Filtered by:. Previous 1 2 template Next. I know, if it's not broke don't fix it.

Simrad NSS Evo 3 vs. Evo2

Trying to determine whether to go with twin Evo3 NSS16's vs twin Garmin xsv's, radar, transducer, etc. Any of y'all had Garmin and switched to Simrad? If so, would you do it again or go back with Garmin?

Arosstreet Evo 3 vs Evo 2

Any thoughts on boat resale benefits with one vs the other? Thanks, Joey. Tags: None. Parker Yacht. Seems to me certain manufactures align with each other. That being said, I would buy a boat with Yamaha Of course and would prefer a boat with Garmin. Comment Post Cancel.I really like the Simrads but the Raymarines seem to have a better 3d system with the autostabilising gyro. Sounds like the 3d will still not work very well deeper than 30metres though. There is very little real world experience with the Axiom Pros given how new they are but has anyone had a detailed look?

Ive been trying to find some real world reports on the axiom pro, but havent had much luck. I have the simrad evo 2 with structurescan 3d with latest updates and the axiom 12 rv. The Axiom beats the simrad 3d in every way. I have used the axiom to 60 meters the simrad 3d structurescan dies from 35 meters on the transducer is not gyro stabilised so it does not perform well in choppy situations.

The speed of the processor in the axiom leaves the simrad for dead in gps updating etc. Build quality in the raymarine is vastly superior. Raymarine support thier products much longer than navico who see 5 years and then no further support service or parts wise for all of their recreational lines.

The simrad 3d will not show fish as well as the axiom rv which locates fish off to both sides of the boat the side. This is a real game changer and is a cheaper alternative to the mighty furuno 3d unit.

The axiom pro has the same sidescan as the standard axiom so no benefit here. The axiom pro has the 1kw power in the standard chirp mode which is more powerful but at a heafty price premium. Finally it has been reported in the hull truth that the U. S coast guard bought raymarine axioms for thier vessles i cant think of a better endorsement.

It should be noted that simrads evo 3 has some software bugs still to be ironed out in true navico style where streams of updates come to get thier units up to speed. The evo 2 is working well after years of updates and may be a better option at a cheaper price bearing in mind that it will only have a few years left in tech and parts support. The raymarine Axiom Pro also has 3 chirp channels, You can use the 3D transducer on one of the transducer Ports. The second port supports dual chirp so you can use a pair of Chirp transducers like say BM and BL.

All can be viewed similtaniously. The Evo 3 is 2 channel only so if using a sidescan transducer like totalscan or LLS2 on one port, then you only have one channel available on the other port.

So for example, if using a TM chirp transducer, it needs to be split into 2 plugs and sidescan has to be unlpugged to use both channels. That's my understanding after looking at the Axiom Pro units and talking with the Raymarine reps at the boat show. Marine trimmer NOR available for clears, tops, carpet, upholstery, custom equipment covers. Regarding the Simrad connectivity, I was looking at the StructureScan 3d which comes with the transducer and the module.

I believe this connects over Ethernet to the MFD so you could run it at the same time as a dual-chirp transducer. This is correct but I've heard that it is only good for about max 30m in ocean water on a good day This looks to be in rougher conditions and moving - bottom looks pretty jagged but still OK.

Simrad EVO3 vs Raymarine Axiom Pro

The only drawback I see with these is not being able to add another transducer as there is no extra port. Sadly i am 65 and not very tech savy. There are plenty of screen shots of the axiom in use. One of the best can be found on a web site called panbo with independent reviews. Check out the U. K post on fish arround a wreck site in the north sea.

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