Top gear season 9 episode 3 dailymotion

Top gear season 9 episode 3 dailymotion

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Top Gear: Series 9, Episode 3 – America Special

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Doctor Who 10 Full Episodes. Life Story 2 Full Episodes. Full Episodes Movies Schedule. Top Gear. Season 9 — Episode 3. Croc rocks: Richard Hammond nearly gets eaten by an alligator. Having a cow: Jeremy Clarkson finds the world's biggest roadkill. Southern discomfort: Some Alabamans get angry. Very angry. Charity case: Jezza nearly gets sued by the Christian mission. Copy the link below To share this on Facebook click on the link below. Open Facebook.The ninth series of Top Gear aired during and consisted of six episodes, beginning on 28 January and concluding on 4 March.

Production of the series was delayed due to Hammond's accident in Septemberand did not begin until the following month, and the first episode of the series has subsequently never been repeated on TV owing to Hammond's near-death experience. In addition, the "Best of Top Gear" special meant to be broadcast before Series 9 and showcase the best moments of Series 8, was delayed and later shown in place of the repeat of the fifth episode of the series.

Clarkson and May welcome back their colleague Hammond after his near-death experience in the Vampire, before proceeding with business as usual as the trio see if they can improve the duration of road repairsby taking on the job of resurfacing a stretch of the D sic also named Grafton Lane near Bidford-on-Avon themselves and completing it within 24 hours rather than a week. But chaos soon ensues, as May's detours causes traffic mishap, Clarkson's motivational speeches annoy everyone and there are supply issues with the tarmac.

Meanwhile, Clarkson pits the Jaguar XKR against the Aston Martin V8 Vantage on the track to see which is better, chef Jamie Oliver returns to see if he can be faster than fellow chef and rival Gordon Ramsayand the trio look back to the events leading up to Hammond's Vampire dragster crash.

U.S. Special

The trio try to see if it is better to purchase a car rather than renting one out. With their cars, the presenters then begin a journey along the US South Coast, heading for New Orleanswhere along the way they stop at a raceway to find out how fast each car is and see how good the brakes are without going into an alligator-infested river, seek out roadkill for an evening meal, and decorate their cars with slogans which might lead to them getting shot at in Alabamawhich soon proves to be rather a bad idea.

Upon reaching their destination, the trio's final task is to see how well they can give their cars away, to those who need it. The trio decide to grow their own petrol, but first must get to grips with some tractors they will use for the job — Clarkson chooses a speedy JCB FastracHammond goes with a monstrous Case STX Steigerand May picks the complicated controls of the Fendt Vario.

After putting them through their paces with a series of challenges at the test track, including setting a slower time than the late Richard Whiteleyand competing in a "Drag" race, the boys head to the 25 acres they've rented out to plough it before planting their own rapeseed biofuel.

Top Gear does a special edition of Top of the Popswith boyband McFly challenged to write and perform a song with the words "sofa," "Hyundai," and "administration" but not "love", "baby," or "heart".

There are performances by Lethal BizzleTravisguest Adrian Edmondson is on guitar alongside Supergrassand the trio support Justin Hawkins with the closing number. In this special edition of Top Gearthe presenters take part in a race to see who can reach the Magnetic North Pole first.

While Hammond attempts to get their first with a sled pulled by a team of ten Canadian Inuit dogs and the aid of American explorer Matty McNairClarkson and May see if they can beat him with a specially adapted Toyota Hilux pick-up truck, all while seeing if a car can achieve the impossible and make it to the Pole for the first time.

Prior to the challenge, the boys first underwent arctic training, learning how to pitch a tent and what to do if you fall in freezing cold water, before getting insight into the risks they would encounter from Sir Ranulph Fiennes.

On their race from Resolute, Nunavut to the Pole, the group would deal with mountainous land masses, thin ice, polar bears, freezing arctic weather, and a massive ice boulder maze, which for the Hilux, will be the toughest test it has ever undergone. Following the broadcast of the first episode of the series, several viewers complained after watching Clarkson ask Hammond how he felt after the crash with the question "Are you now a mental? In response to the complaints, the BBC claimed that the comments had been merely made as a joke, but realised they would have caused offence to mentally disabled and brain-damaged viewers, and thus apologised for failing to consider this.

Following the airing of the US Special, both the BBC and the UK media regulator Ofcom received 91 complaints in regards to the scene in which Clarkson drove to the trio's campsite with a cow tied to his Camaro. In response to this, the BBC defended the programme by stating that the cow had not been harmed or injured by Clarkson and that it had died several days previously before the scene was filmed.

During episode 5, Clarkson filmed a segment in which he did a public service video about Level Crossings, with a reconstruction organised by Network Rail as part of their Don't Run The Risk campaign. However, the segment was heavily criticised after it had been aired. Some of the criticism it garnered was due to the fact that it was broadcast just 2 days after the Cumbria train crasheven though the crash had not been caused by a track incursion.

Other criticism was on the reconstruction by Network Rail, with Anthony Smith, chief executive of the rail watchdog Passenger Focusstating that "We need to raise awareness of the issue, but now is not the right time. A repeat of the episode was due to be aired on 1 Marchbut because of another death on a level crossing that had occurred earlier that morning, [6] it was decided that the repeat would not be shown.

Instead, it was replaced with the "Best of Top Gear" episode that had been postponed by Hammond's crash. Following the broadcast of the Polar Specialthe BBC Trust found that the scene in which both Jeremy Clarkson and James May were shown to be drinking a gin and tonic whilst driving through an ice field, could "glamorise the misuse of alcohol" and that it "was not editorially justified in the context of a family show pre-watershed ", despite the producer's claiming they were beyond the jurisdiction of drink driving laws, and Clarkson stating on the programme that he was not driving but "sailing" piloting a vehicle on frozen water as opposed to actual land.

In addition, Emily Armistead, a speaker of Greenpeaceheavily criticised the episode.TV Schedule. Sign In. Top Gear —. S5, Ep1. Error: please try again. Jeremy road tests the new Porsche Carrera 2S. S5, Ep2. Richard drives the Ford Focus. A teenager on a skateboard races the Bowler Wildcat down a grassy track. S5, Ep3. Jeremy goes to Scotland to road test the new Land Rover Discovery by attempting to drive the Discovery to the top of the mountain called Mount Cnoc an Fhreiceadain.

Richard travels to Switzerland to find the maddest car ever made. S5, Ep4. Richard tests thew Pagani Zonda Convertible. In the news segment, they discuss Jeremy's recent purchase of the Ford GT but he has not got it yet as well as speed cameras.

Richard and James are having a game of caravan conkers. In addition, Richard and James road test the Smart Forfour by spending a whole day in the car without getting out. S5, Ep5. In the news segment, Richard shows off his Dodge Charger that he already acquired which is fully restored. Richard starts a people carrier race series.

S5, Ep6. Jeremy tries to see if a blind man can drive around the test track fast. The boys were given pounds each and were told to buy a Porsche for less than pounds. Once they have made their purchases, they were been given a number of challenges.Conceived by the legend that is Jeremy Clarkson, the show originally launched in However, as time progressed, so did the show.

Then, at the end of the twenty-second series, Clarkson was sacked for unruly behavior, and the show was turned on its head and rejuvenated. The Top Gear challenges were sometimes on par with Hollywood stunts.

However, they weren't all that great, and some of them actually fell extremely flat. In order to do so, they were asked to complete the task in second-hand estate cars on a budget.

The trio traveled through Central Africa, starting in Uganda and moving through Rwanda to reach their final destination in Tanzania.

In the end, it was May who discovered the source of the Nile and then pitched a Top Gear flag and Union Jack in the nearby soil with a caption that read "James May. Discoverer of the true source of the Nile, and two other blokes.

The race challenges are always the better ones, so what better than to race a plane? That's right, this time Clarkson, Hammond and May were challenged with delivering a truffle from Northern Italy to a top quality restaurant on the top of the Natwest Tower in London.

Sadly, things didn't quite work out for Captain Slow, as it was later revealed that he wasn't qualified to fly at night, resulting in the pair having to park the plane in Lille, France.

In the end, it was Clarkson's Bugatti Veyron that won, with Clarkson calling it the "the greatest car ever made and the greatest car we will ever see in our lifetime. Sounds easy enough right? The catch was that the supercars must be mid-engine and Italian, causing panic and several hilarious antics ahead.

Jeremy bought a Maserati Merak, which had terrible brakes. Richard found a Ferrari GT4, and James ended up with a Lamborghini Urraco that was basically broken from the start. The three were then told that they had to drive from Bristol, UK, to a questionable adult nightclub in Slough.

On the journey, the threesome visited a Castle and did what any other petrol heads would do in that situation, timed how fast they could do laps! You bet. The race began in London, England with the finish line in Edinburgh, Scotland, roughly miles. In the end, the Tornado arrived 1-minute ahead of schedule, having taken a total of 8 hours.

Clarkson and the crew ran to the final destination point, only to find James May waiting with a pint of beer. May later admitted that he had arrived "no more than ten minutes" before the train.Next Episode Previous Episode. In this 'American special', Jeremy, James and Richard are on a fly-drive holiday with a difference. As usual, there will be some Top Gear challenges along the way; a dead cow, prostitute-obsessed truckers and a meeting with Fat Stig - Stig's American cousin.

Who was the Episode MVP? Watch Online Amazon. Episode Discussion. Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions. Watch Full Episodes: Top Gear. See All Videos. Season 9 Episodes See All. Contributors Become a contributor. Philip K.

top gear season 9 episode 3 dailymotion

Dick's Electric Dreams. Cast Watch. Black Lightning. The Four: Battle for Stardom. Important: You must only upload images which you have created yourself or that you are expressly authorised or licensed to upload. By clicking "Publish", you are confirming that the image fully complies with TV.

Please read the following before uploading Do not upload anything which you do not own or are fully licensed to upload. The images should not contain any sexually explicit content, race hatred material or other offensive symbols or images. Remember: Abuse of the TV. Choose background:. All Rights Reserved. Jeremy Clarkson.Learn more about Amazon Prime. Close Menu. Season 5 of this award-winning show is even brighter and noisier than before. Highlights include Jeremy driving a LandRover up a Scottish mountain, a game with caravans, and a car versus plane race to Switzerland.

Watch with Motortrend Start your day free trial. By ordering or viewing, you agree to our Terms. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Get free delivery with Amazon Prime. Episodes 9 1. Episode 1. Subtitles Subtitles. Audio Languages Audio Languages. The power of the new Porsche Carrera S is put to the test on the track.

Jeremy has to eat more than his words about the Vauxhall Astra. Watch with Motortrend. Episode 2. Richard road-tests the new Ford Focus. Top Gear pits a teenager on a skateboard against the Bowler Wildcat down a grassy track. Jeremy puts some year old supercars through their paces.

Episode 3. We look at 4x4s to see which really can go off-road. Jeremy takes "off-road" too literally and decides to drive a LandRover Discovery up a Scottish mountain. Richard visits the Rinspeed factory in Switzerland and discovers some very unusual models including the world's first hydrofoil car.

Top Gear (UK)

Episode 4. Richard heads for the south of France in the Pagani Zonda roadster. Top Gear gets its hands on steel cable and cranes for a game.

Richard and James spend a night in the Smart ForFour. Episode 5. James celebrates 50 years of the Mercedes SL Gullwing. Jeremy tests the diesel engine in the Jaguar S-Tyle by driving it as fast as he can around the longest and most terrifying race track in the world. Episode 6.

top gear season 9 episode 3 dailymotion

The presenters are each sent out to buy one, but which will perform best in our tests? Also in the show, how fast can a blind man drive around the Top Gear track? Episode 7.Forgot your password? Don't have an account?

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top gear season 9 episode 3 dailymotion

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