Xiao zhan social media

Xiao zhan social media

On February 24th, a Weibo user published two article links to a piece of fan fiction titled Falling, which depicts the male idol Xiao Zhan as a cross-dressing teen falling in love with another well-known idol named Wang Yibo.

Xiao Zhan Makes His First Post On Social Media After Controversy Triggered By Some Fans

So far, the Weibo hashtag BoycottXiaoZhan has exceededposts and million views. Hashtags of boycottXiaoZhan trending on Weibo. Photo: Weibo screenshot. Like most modern-day idols, Chinese idols have hardcore fan bases with highly organized operating systems in place. Xiao Zhan fans showed purchase screenshots of Piaget accessories to show support for the idol. Photo: Weibo. But the idol economy has a sinister side.

But could brands have done better due diligence before collaborating with an idol to avoid issues such as these? And how can they intelligently and quickly react to a crisis like this? Another PR professional, who is from a Shanghai-based celebrity agency, told Jing Daily that the current scandal is a wakeup call for brands that have become overly reliant on idols in China.

Once you work with someone, their image is your image. As an ancient Chinese saying goes: Water that bears the boat is the same that swallows it up. When fans go mad, the idol pays the price.

xiao zhan social media

But for brands, that price might be even higher. For brands, Chinese idols have been a golden ticket to success in China, but irrational fans are proving that idol associations can sometimes devastate a brand's Chinese business.

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Fans of actor Xiao Zhan had mobilized to protest their idol being portrayed as a woman with a thing for teens on the popular content-hosting platform Archive of Our Own, leading to the site being blacklisted in China.

Archive of Our Own AO3a popular platform for user-generated art and writing, was no longer accessible on the Chinese mainland Saturday. According to domestic mediaAO3 was taken offline after fans of year-old celebrity actor Xiao Zhan reported the website to the authorities after they became aware of a novel series published on the platform that portrayed their idol as a trans woman pursuing a romantic relationship with a male high school student.

Sixth Tone. Created in by the Organization for Transformative Works, AO3 is a nonprofit open-source repository for fan fiction with a large and active Chinese community. In a statement Saturday night, OTW said it had received inquiries from users on the Chinese mainland who were no longer able to access the site. Since the connection problem is not caused by the AO3 server, we have no way to resolve it. Unfortunately, the Archive of Our Own is currently inaccessible in China.

We've investigated, and it is not due to anything on our end. The drama was itself adapted from a queer online romance novel. The campaign and the ultimate blocking of the website on Saturday have outraged AO3 users as well as those who believe that the existence of writing and other creative content should not hinge on universal approval. But the fundamental reason for the tiff between the AO3 supporters and Xiao stans has more to do with reporting mechanisms in China, she told Sixth Tone.

The genres of real-person fiction and queer romance have born witness to the effectiveness of these reporting mechanisms. According to Zheng, AO3 is the first nonprofit website to be founded by fans, for fans — many of whom migrated to the site after another popular platform for user-generated writing, LiveJournal, started strictly policing content. The website has policies on tags, ratings, and warnings. Many readers who thought of AO3 as a sort of online comfort zone say its sudden disappearance is akin to the destruction of their spiritual home.

Zheng, who has been reading stories on AO3 sincesays she would check the website every night before bed. For these teenagers, reporting content may be just like completing homework assigned by other, more influential fans. Li Ying, a Shanghai-based AO3 reader, has been following fan culture and queer romance novels for over a decade. Subscribe to our newsletter. By signing up, you agree to our Terms Of Use. Follow Us.Xiao Zhan Photo: IC.


How irrational fans ruined fan fiction site AO3 and their idol too. Xiao Zhan Photo: IC It is a known fact that a star can only stay popular in China as long as they have a great number of devoted and loyal fans who can create for them sky-high traffic numbers on social media.

However, in the case of Chinese star Xiao Zhan, it turns out that his followers have ended up causing him considerable trouble in both China and abroad. Fans felt that these erotic stories might ruin Xiao's image, so they reported to the authorities in China that these stories contained "poronographic content.

However, in the course of trying to protect Xiao, these fans ended up angering a large group of people in China through other irrational behaviors such as cyber-bullying, stalking their idol or disturbing other cultural groups. More and more people posted on social media that these fans need to stand up and apologize for their behavior. Even the entertainment company behind their idol and Xiao issued a public apology for "using up public resources.

Netizens Have Mixed Reactions over Rumors of Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi Collaborating in New Series

For them, it was more like a video game mission aimed at helping their idols claim a digital victory. They believe that they can just report anything they like and kick it out of cyberspace.

It is a pity for the site, which has become "a victim of irrational reporting. After word of the block became news overseas, some Western media began erroneously reporting it was due to "an anti-LGBT bias in China," which couldn't be further from the truth. However, this misunderstanding has continued to spread on social media.

However, most people know that Xiao is not "dead," not a "gay," nor a member of the "LGBT" community. Ironically, these fans' decision to "protect Xiao Zhan" has not only ruined a fan fiction site that many people loved, but also further tarnished their idol's image as well.The series is based on a novel with filming is set to start next month.

However, there are some netizens that are not exactly on board with Xiao Zhan being paired up with Yang Zi for this series. His character is supposed to be mature, wise, and lonely. He is said to be cold on the outside, but is actually a really warm and kind person. She is lively and cheerful. Once the rumors got out, some netizens were unhappy with the pairing. Her face is so stiff, why is she always playing pretty roles? I really get annoyed looking at Yang Zi. Can we let Xiao Pretty go? However, there were also some Xiao Zhan fans that defended the pairing.

100 Asian Heartthrobs 2020: Jimin, Wang Yibo, and Xiao Zhan Advance to Next Level of Battle Round

Xiao Zhan fans respects all collaborating actors. BTS Video. Everyone will just have to wait for the official announcements. I love Chinese and Korea dramas my favourite are historical,fantasy dramas. Yang Zi would be doing her job and if selected to do the part she would be chosen by the people that see she has the potential to fill the role. As for her joking around with the people, she works with if they are not comfortable that is something they would tell her.

Some fans take things to heart and act like they are apart of these actors and singers lives. They trash talk people and believe that looks good or makes sense when in fact it only hurts the same people they claim to be fans of.

xiao zhan social media

Wut if both stay in their dramas 4ever like new season u know everyone will be happy then…. I dont like both Xiao zhan and Yang zi. He Xiao zhan only love Wang yibo they are match soul as well. I like to see watch have fun about Jealous again, Smile always, love and bromance. For me! If you really love Xiao Zhan then respect what his works!! He is an actor, he can play role with whatever get and whoever that paired with him!!

Skip to content. Like this: Like Loading Related Posts. Leave a Comment Cancel reply.He stayed silent all this time - it can be that his management's idea or he chose to stay quiet. He needs to get back on someone's good side? He is still in the Top If there is something he truly needs it isn't that. Heck, those people need a life of their own. I always feel so sorry for those young celebs. Even when they choose to become one it doesn't mean they are owned by so-called fans.

There were enough that ended truly with depression or worse. People never learn. An annoying fan fic writer started the whole issue, since she dared the start everything, she should face it heroically but she use death threat and committing suicide to win.

xiao zhan social media

Those anti-XZ emphasize with that lowly creature, but somebody who did nothing like XZ doesn't deserve the slightest empathy? Does anyone see the contradiction? Anti-XZ are inhumane and has no empathy to begin with, they are only pretending to empathize with the writer to make XZ lose. Their goal is clearly aiming at XZ's downfall, they're just playing victims. XZ obsessives fans are no longer as annoying as the anti-XZ group who calls themselves Anything they said are done by XZ fans, they never have a single solid proof.

XZ fans suffered so much. What's more, those attack XZ personally too, and spread malicious rumors all over the place. It doesn't matter how annoying you guys think the fans are anymore, I think it's time to support the fans and destroy the evil from flattering about how everybody believes their fake rumors. Just shut up.Not only did Xiao Zhan suffer from the backlash resulting from the closure of AO3, he also suffered the death of his maternal grandfather during this time.

Recently, there were news of his official fan club doing charity work with the help of his studio. The series is based on a novel of the same name. She is arrogant, and hated by everyone. She is sentenced to death by the emperor after being accused of plotting a murder against a high ranking court official. The two get to know each other while seeking revenge and searching for the truth.

They develop a relationship where they love and want to kill each other. Fans were ecstatic Xiao Zhan was tied to a new project as they were worried the scandal would affect his work opportunities. A lot of netizens also expressed interest in seeing Xiao Zhan and Zheng Shuang working together.

However, it was noticed that the account runners of the official Weibo account for the series had been deleting the comments that were in support of Zheng Shuang starring as the female lead. Made her get yelled at by people. You deserve happiness and better. Please be strong for your fan. Nothing can harm a good person like you. Just believe in your self. Take care of your self, as of your mind and your body.

I know you are a good person in and out, think about all of it is a challenge for you to moving forward. Show them who you really are, show them that you work hard for the best and become a very good actor and you did it in the past.

I know you can do it. I love you, love your work and always support you. I will wait for you to come back. Fighting and we fight together. They really need to stop bringing him down. He is a great actor and I pray that soon everything positively come on his way.

When he suffers we fan suffer with him. You are not alone in this Xian Zhan. Stay Strong Sean Ge. Your fans not only base in China. We here from around world. We are your International Fans. It is a great news to hear that Xiao Zhan will be getting more role.

Xiao Zhan Makes His First Post on Social Media After Controversy Triggered by Some Fans

He so deserve it. The start of the year has not being great for him and I only wishes and hope that things will get better for him. I hope he is well and not let negativity get to him.

xiao zhan social media

Hearsay is the root of all evil. Silence is golden. Ya tuhan… Aku berharap yang terbaik untuk xiao zhan…. Xiao zhan has great potential. I want to see thousand of his works…May God be with him in these tough times.It added that Chinese mobile network suppliers such as China Unicom and China Telecom appeared to have disconnected the connection between the local and overseas networks, according to a separate post by OTW late Saturday on popular microblogging site Weibo. OTW did not immediately respond to requests for comment on Monday.

Established inAO3 is an open-source platform for fanfiction, fanart and other fanworks contributed by users. It hosts 5. Last year the site won a Hugo award, a literary award for science fiction and fantasy works, in the category of Best Related Work. Over the weekend, the site became one of the most-searched topics on Weibo, with almostposts viewed million times. Many users pointed the finger at fans of Chinese actor Xiao Zhan for reporting the site to Chinese authorities. Last Thursday, fans of the actor, who rose to stardom after starring in web series The Untamed — itself adapted from a queer romance novel — initiated a campaign against a fanfiction creator who portrayed their idol as a sex worker with gender dysphoria in a fanfiction series with queer themes.

They also shared tutorials about how to report the story to authorities via website, telephone and email. As of a check on Monday, the tutorial posts have been deleted but screenshots of them are still circulating on social media. The fan-written story was later taken down from the Lofter app, while AO3, which is still hosting it, has been inaccessible in China on Saturday. Shame on you. NetEase and Tencent Holdings are leading players in the field, although they still count on games to generate most of their revenue.

Bilibili started off as an anime-focused video sharing site before morphing into a provider of licensed content from mobile games to anime to comics.

However, the mainstream platforms are closely watched by the censors with low tolerance to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender LGBT -related and sexually explicit content. Fanfiction enthusiasts have, therefore, had to resort to foreign sites such as AO3 to create, distribute and read more controversial works. China closely patrols online activity and censors content critical of the ruling Communist Party and politically sensitive terms such as the Dalai Lama, Tiananmen crackdown and Falun Gong.

The content governance guidelines announced in December and taking effect on March 1, also bans online violence, doxxing, deepfakes and rigged traffic, according to CAC. Last April the authorities shut down nine instant messaging apps for spreading pornographic information or facilitating prostitution. In the Office of Combating Pornography and Illegal Publications summoned Chinese tech giant Tencent Holdings and ordered the WeChat operator to clean up vulgar content, after which Tencent blocked or shut down 1, WeChat official accounts in a day.

TikTok maker ByteDance has a search app in China. Intel, Lenovo and BGI are working to crack the coronavirus genome. This article originally appeared on Abacuswhich focuses on China consumer tech for a global audience. For more Abacus stories, please follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook.

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